west welcome

Welcome to the STPHC website!

The members of STPHC are horse fanatics and can’t think of anything better to do than spend some quality time with our equine and other horse fanatics. So if you find yourself in this elite group of people, we welcome you to join our family.

The STPHC members prefer to spend our time showing off our Paint Horses, but we spend time doing many other social activities at our events. We often have an exibitors party with free food for all. We also plan various “fun” classes or games to keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable.

We believe in stiff competition and all business in the ring, but when the results are announced we are the best of friends and are always willing to lend support to each other.
If you are looking for that special place to become a part of a whole new family, join the STPHC. Fun, food and excitement is guaranteed at every STPHC event!